helbron foaming eye cleanser

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Our modern lifestyle can be challenging for our eyelids and eyelashes that protect the delicate structure of the eye. Bombarded with bacteria, allergens and parasites, our eyelids and eyelashes are further challenged by the use of makeup, false lashes and air conditioned and dusty environments. A 2015 study in Australia found that on average the participants touched their faces 23 times per hour. Almost half of the face touches involved the mouth, nose, or eyes, which are the easiest pathways for viruses and bacteria to enter our bodies.

Dex Mites (Demodex) are a small mite that lives in the follicles of human eyelashes (as well as other areas of the face and body). It has been reported that depending on age and health, the probability of you having Dex mites is between 25% in younger healthy adults and up to 100% in adults over 90 years of age. While in most cases Dex Mite infestations do not manifest any outward symptoms, they have been linked to dermatological conditions such Rosacea and Acne. They are also attributed to be a cause of the condition Blepharitis.

Helbron Laboratories foaming eyelid and lash cleanser has been developed to specifically target eyelid and eyelash hygiene. Our formulation is blended with three main ingreidients

  • Tea Tree oil which is naturally antibacterial and can assist in the control of bacterial infections such as Bletherititis and also Dex Mites that cause the condition Demodex. Tea tree oil is also effective in the relief of Dry Eye and itchy and sore eyelids.
  • Aloe Vera for the healing and soothing properties
  • And Glycerine for gentle and safe moisturizing benefits

  • helbron foaming eye cleanser

    Everyday - Designed for use in a general eyelid and eyelash hygiene regime. A perfect option for wearers of False Lashes and Makeup, as well as those who work in dusty and dirty environments - Or those who just love the feeling and look of clean bright eyes!

    helbron foaming eye cleanser

    Forte - A higher strength formulation designed for the control of pre existing eyelid and eyelash conditions such as Blepharitis, Demodex, Dry Eye, Sore and Itchy Eyes. With boosted Tea Tree Oil to provide additional antibacterial help, this formulation is a front line tool for control of many common eyelid and eyelash conditions.